Organizational Change Management Plan

Many business transformation initiatives & projects fail to achieve envisaged business benefits  since the users’ either don't understand or are not willing to accept the change .  Organizations need to change and contiguously evolve themselves in order to remain relevant and flourish in the dynamic business environments.

Effective and systematic Organizational Change Management practices when applied by the change management professionals help in realizing the business benefits mush faster and hence increase the business speed to the market. 

The Change Management professionals identify change impacts for each business, measure the degree of the impact and work with business units to make users in the deployment aware of the changes. An action plan is put in place to address changes, prior to Go-Live. A change readiness assessment is carried out by conducting out organizational change reviews, process reviews, end users’ surveys and site readiness workshops and reviews.

The change management team commit to the following deliverable's in a planned manner. These deliverable's are embedded into overall transformation integrated plan.
  • Future Organization design – Change Impact Analysis.
  • Stake Holders’ Management Plan – The plan helps in aligning  stakeholder goals and issues to objectives of a change program and also help managing  potential supporters and opponents of change.
  • Communication Plan – Carry out communication need analysis. The plan contains information on what, when, how and by whom about communication.  Communications are normally linked to milestones in delivery plan.
  • Training Plan – As in communication plan, here training need analysis is carried out based on the requirement anticipated in future org design. What, how and when to do the training is worked out . The mode of training and people to be trained is also detailed  and training are carried.

These activities are part of mitigating risks involved in acceptance of change.  Resistance to change is mostly due to lack of information and the feeling of exclusion with changes imposed in areas of one’s responsibility. People resist, in many cases, not to the content of the change but to how the change is implemented. Hence, the nature of the change, its purpose and benefits need to be communicated adequately to the impacted to get the required support.

To ensure that the change processes are successfully adopted and sustained across the business.
  • Impact of change should be understood
  • The Stake holders need to be managed effectively
  • Adequate communication and trainings need to be carried out
  • Change agents need to monitor and drive  the readiness for acceptance
  • An organizational readiness assessment need to be carried out before implementing the change.

Though important, these services are provided by very few consulting companies, especially in India. This service at times is ignored by the business and execs, resulting either in delay in reaping the benefits or at times un-managed resistance and political factors will fail the transformation imitative.

A Bangalore based company ‘Project Management ÇoE ‘is one company who can provide these skills. This initiative is led by seasoned project management leaders and consulting professionals, who have worked in big 5 IT companies and have handled the change management assignments.

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